50 Best Comedy Clubs in the United States: A Guide for Laughter Lovers

Discover 50 of America's best comedy clubs from Los Angeles' legendary Comedy Store to Charlotte Comedy Theater Charlotte! Get your laugh on with stand-up, improvisation & sketch theaters.

50 Best Comedy Clubs in the United States: A Guide for Laughter Lovers

If you're a fan of comedy, you know that there's nothing quite like experiencing a live show. Fortunately, the United States is home to some of the best comedy clubs in the world. From the legendary Comedy Store in Los Angeles to the Comedy Works in Denver, there are plenty of places to get your laugh on. But with so many options, it can be hard to decide which club is right for you.

This guide to the 50 best comedy clubs in the United States includes some of the most renowned locations for comedy performances, including stand-up, improvisation, and sketch theaters. Whether you're looking for a night of laughs in New York City or a show in the Rocky Mountains, these clubs have something for everyone. The Comedy Store in Los Angeles is one of the most iconic comedy clubs in the world. This 450-person venue has a rich history and is frequented by many celebrities.

It is also known for the quality of its acts, which are individually examined by the operators. Many of the most important artists in the history of comedy, such as Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle, Jerry Seinfeld and Dana Carvey, are students of this place.

Yuk Yuk's

is a chain that has grown to have several locations across Canada; however, the Toronto branch really stands out as one of the best clubs in North America. This club has existed since 1978 and generally has a mix of established comics and fans.

Antidepressant Thursdays puts on a great show, while the student exhibits at the local university are also a fun departure from traditional programs.

Stardome Birmingham

, Alabama is another great comedy club. This club was founded in 1981 and is quite a popular place for comedians to record albums. It is also known for its friendly atmosphere and its constant reserve of top artists and emerging names.

Greenwich Village Comedy Club

in New York is owned by Al Martin and brings together some of the best comics in the country.

Crackers Comedy Clubs

Indianapolis, Indiana has two locations: one downtown and one in Broad Ripple neighborhood.

With headquarters in Chicago and elsewhere, this Nashville institution recalls the crazy and dizzying days of the boom of the 80s. Widely regarded as the best comedy club in the Southern United States, Comedy Works Denver is home to both popular names on the circuit and up-and-coming artists. The Comedy Club on State in Madison, Wisconsin is known for its friendly lounge-like atmosphere and its constant reserve of top artists and emerging names.

Westside Comedy Theater

in Santa Monica, California opened its doors on April 1st and has since become one of the most popular comedy clubs in Los Angeles.

Helium Comedy Club Portland

is actually part of a chain that began in Philadelphia; however, this location has established itself as one of the best. Finally, Charlotte Comedy Theater Charlotte, North Carolina is a group of highly-rated comedy artists who put on great shows every night. Whether you're looking for an evening full of laughter or just want to check out some new talent, these 50 comedy clubs are sure to provide an unforgettable experience. From classic venues like The Comedy Store to up-and-coming spots like Westside Comedy Theater, there's something for everyone at these top comedy clubs across America.

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